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Corporate Travel

A Brief History

Fly Premier Class has specialized in corporate travel management since 1999. Like all travel agencies, we started small. As we grew, we realized that where we really excel, is in corporate travel. By increasing our services, while holding tight to our roots, we were able to create a corporate travel agency that feels more like a personal travel assistant.

Why Fly Premier Class?

In today’s ever changing travel industry, finding deals is a full time job. Our mission is to help our clients conduct their business without this extra complication. By combining expertise, constant research, and a personal touch, we’re able to offer our clients the best service available. The best part is, using our services is completely free.

Is it really free?

Well…you will have to pay for the tickets of course, but any research we do for you is free. So if you don’t like our prices or service, you don’t have to use us. There is no contract to sign or upfront fee to use us. We have the firm belief that in the modern Internet era, research should be free and travel companies should only make a profit if they’re able to save their clients money. So why not try us out? There’s nothing to lose.

Corporate Travel Management Services

When it comes to business travel, you have a lot to think about. Which is why we’ve created a hub for all the essential services. Through our extensive work with our corporate clients, we’ve learned that there are 5 services that corporate clients require.



Car Rentals



By combining these 5 services, we’ve created a website that is a one stop shop corporate travel.

4 Ways Corporations Can Use our Service

Every company is different and that there is no silver bullet when it comes to corporate travel. Which is why we offer 4 ways that our clients can use our service.

1. We can handle all the travel, by talking to each of your employees to plan their next business trip.

2. A employee in your company is your liaison, with whom is given access to our unique travel technology to plan business trips.

3. Every individual traveler is granted access to our technology and manages their own travel with the ability to ask us for help or expert advise at any time.

4. Or you can do a combination of the previous It’s all up to you.