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Fly Premier: Redefining Luxury

Business Class

Business class fliers typically have a separate check-in area or at least their own row, and can access a business class lounge that offers drinks, nibbles, newspapers and Internet access. Some of the best lounges offer showers and even nap rooms. Note that you can typically only use a business class lounge at your departure airport and when waiting for a connection, although some airlines allow long-haul passengers to use them on arrival as well.

Once on board, and your usually boarded first, seat pitch in business remains good by any measure. However, for many travellers the most important consideration is the recline, particularly the holy grail of the flat bed seat (180 degree recline, parallel to the floor), which pretty much guarantees a good night’s sleep. True flat bed seats are rare and expensive, but relying on us will get you the best possible details in the airline industry.

Food and drink in business class is much better than the slop usually encountered in economy class. you can expect to be given actual menus with several choices, with courses served one by one from actual porcelain plates and accompanied by free drinks. Some airlines allow you to pre-order from an extensive menu before you fly, in which case the meal will be boarded specially for you.

Entertainment options in business class are superior with audio and video on demand (AVOD) a standard amenity, either via a display build into your seat or portable DVD players passed out by request. Power sockets for laptops are often provided and Internet access may be available too.

First Class

The first class experience begins before you board the plane. Many airlines throw in limousine transfers to and from the airport, where you can expect to have your bags carried by a porter, be checked in at a Private first class check-in area and enjoy your first glass of bubbly at a first-class lounge. There are a few airlines that go a step further, dedicating an entire terminal to first-class fliers!

Once on board, first class is perhaps best known for the superlative meal service, and indeed high-quality champagne, lobster tail and caviar do still feature on some menus. These days, though, the trend is towards a wide selection of entrees served to order and lengthy wine lists. Service is very personal, with first class cabin crew tending to as few as two or three passengers each.

a standard amenity in moder first class is a lie-flat seat, which lies completely flat (180 degrees) and is increasingly offered in suite or cradle configuration where you have a curtain or other privacy divider to separate you from other passengers. Some airlines have pioneered double suites on its A380 super jumbos, although is upper class is strictly speaking somewhere between business and first class, when reclined, the seat actually resembles a bed, made up by crew with comfortable linens and brand name supplies.

Last but not least, first class get the best seats in the plane. This is almost invariably at the front of the plane, where the engine noise and turbulence are minimized.