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Welcome To Fly Premier Class

Welcome to Fly Premier Class Travel Solutions! In business since 1999, we have experience, commitment, staff and resources to provide you with the best travel program available in the industry today.

Although we are a large company, we operate as though we are a small one. We have eliminated the ladder of hierarchy usually visible in companies our size. This benifits you because you will receive assistance from the highest level of our management at anytime.

Fly Premier Class is known for aggressive cost saving programs. We integrate personalized services with unique resources and proprietary fare search technology to reduce travel budgets by 40-60%. We challenge you to find a travel agency that can save you more than what we offer.

Fly Premier Class is committed to delivering its services on time, to the highest quality. We aim to meet and exceed client's expectations in every respect. Quality control procedures are applied at every point in the reservation process.
Rule #1 Fares
Amazingly lower prices compared to our competition. We could save you 40-60% on prices, guaranteed. There is no looking beyond!
Rule #2 Service
Our travel analysts work 24X7 while you relax. Send in a request, rest assured, you will receive your tickets at your doorstep, without having to remind us.
Rule #3 Quality
Our travel analysts have been certified and accredited by all major airlines. Why test waters, when we can prove to be your one stop travel solution partner?

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